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Felix Credit Union celebrates 50th anniversary


04 May 18

On Friday 20 April, Felix Credit Union (FCU) celebrated their 50th anniversary at Bradford Town Hall with long standing members, staff and presided over by the Lord Mayor of Bradford.

FCU was founded in 1968 to encourage the local Dominican community of St. Patricks Parish in Bradford to learn to help itself. Originally FCU was unincorporated as there was no Credit Union legislation in 1968. However in 1979 FCU was registered as No 11C under the 1979 Credit Union Act.

FCU gets its name from Father Felix who introduced the idea to local businesses and community members, encouraging them to take on necessary roles within the credit union. Father Kelvin Felix, now his Eminence Cardinal Felix who is now based in Rome. Together with other likeminded people Bradford Co-operative Credit Union was created. However with the introduction of the 1979 Credit Union Act the regulator at the time would not allow the name Bradford to be used, so the directors adopted the name of its founding father.

At the event, members and guests heard from long serving directors of Felix Credit Union, Max Prosper, Sharon Vassell and Virginia Fevrier together they have over 100 years of voluntary service to the credit union. They spoke about the history of the FCU and how they have served local residents from all walks of life.

Martin Logan from the British Credit Union Historial Society and founding member of Voyager Alliance Credit Union, attended the 50th anniversary in Bradford. Martin spoke of his delight to see FCU still thriving as an important asset to the community, Martin said: "For me visiting Felix Credit Union and meeting its volunteers was like going back in time to when I helped start Voyager Alliance Credit Union.

"The enthusiasm and dedication of these lovely people we met was still evident after 50 years of service to their credit union community. In our headlong quest for growth and wanting bigger and larger credit unions we must never ever forget were we have come from and why we are here"

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