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96% of membership would recommend membership of Wolverhampton City Credit Union


25 May 18

A recent survey conducted by Wolverhampton City Credit Union (WCCU) for its members, shows that 96% of membership would recommend the credit union to a friend of family member.

Results proved that 89% of the membership was satisfied with the services of WCCU, whilst 96% said they would recommend WCCU to a friend or family member.

The purpose of the survey was to establish an understanding of membership and how to improve their service. Results show that 64% of members wanted a debit card and 36% wanted easier access to online loans. In response to the results, the credit union is launching a new MasterCard Debit Card this summer and is in the process of testing a new online loan process, which will be launched in the coming weeks.

Many credit unions share the same difficulties as WCCU, a lack of funds for marketing and advertising budgets means that WCCU relies heavily on word of mouth. Manager of WCCU, Matt Goulding believes word of mouth is a key marketing asset for the growth of WCCU, Matt says: “Since we don’t enjoy the big advertising and marketing budgets of the payday lenders, it’s good to know that such a high proportion of members would recommend us to others. 

“Word of mouth is our main marketing asset. We’re also really pleased that we’re well on the way to delivering the two main improvements members want to see. The debit card and online loan app will transform members’ experience.

 “It’s also clear we’ve got to do a lot more to make our members aware of the benefits of online banking of the mobile banking app.”













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