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Plane Saver hits milestone with record lending in one month


13 Jul 18

Each year Plane Saver continues to thrive as one of the largest credit unions in Great Britain and this month lent a record of £1.09 million to its members. This is the largest total in any month since the organisation began in 1993. Plane Saver has been recognised for their exceptional loan products that achieved a 5* mark from the Fairbanking Foundation.

Last year Plane Saver launched its new banking app which has been very well received by members and deemed a success. CEO Valerie Walwyn reflected on the achievements that they are now seeing. Valerie said: “It’s a great achievement for everyone involved at Plane Saver and a reflection of the hard work that the team have done over the last couple of years.  It is also important to us, to continue to provide customer service excellence through our high performing customer service team.  We are now certain that Plane Saver are in a great position to be able to meet the demands of our new and more traditional membership as well as meet the challenges faced by the sector.

Plane Saver now serves over 13,000 members and works with some of the world’s leading airlines such as British Airways & United Airlines.  Additionally, Plane Saver also serves the British Armed Forces across the UK, who now represent over 13% of Plane Saver’s total membership.

In 2018 Plane Saver will celebrate 25 years in business and will use this key milestone to celebrate its legacy within the Airline Industry and to embrace its new vision.

Valerie continues to express her gratitude to the staff at Plane Saver, Valerie says: “A big thank you to all the staff at Plane Saver for their hard work in continuing to provide a valuable service and ensuring that our members are at the forefront of everything we do as a credit union”.

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