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New debit card will transform services of Wolverhampton City Credit Union


13 Jul 18

Wolverhampton City Credit Union’s (WCCU) MasterCard Debit Card marks a significant milestone in the community bank’s 16-year history and is set to transform its banking services.

WCCU’s co-founder and chair of directors, Alf Williams said: “This is a really important development for the credit union. Alongside our online banking facility and mobile banking app, we’re providing a more flexible and convenient way for our busy members to take charge of their cash.

“It’s a mark of how professional and efficient the credit union has become. Rooted in the community, we’ve become a bank that local people aspire to join.

“At the same time, we retain our ethical commitment to building the community’s financial resilience, encouraging saving and promoting affordable borrowing, driving the loan sharks out of our neighbourhoods.

“We think the debit card will make us more attractive particularly to younger people who have been so hard hit by the high interest lenders whose primary interest is to make big profits.”

The debit card enables members to:

· Pay for goods and services in the store or online

· Make cash withdrawals at ATMs in the UK and wherever in the world the MasterCard sign is displayed

· Regularly check real-time balances to put you in control of your money 24/7, seven days a week.

WCCU chose Birmingham and Dublin-based Optimus Cards Group for its expertise in developing debit cards for credit unions and smaller financial institutions.

Group chief executive officer of Optimus Cards, Julie Wilson, said: “We are extremely pleased and excited to have Wolverhampton City Credit Union join our debit card programme. We are delighted to be able to release a first class product to their members and we will ensure that we deliver a premium service at all times. We are here to give the best service and support possible, as well as to help the credit union innovate their product offering.”

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