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Eden & South Lakeland Credit Union awarded grant to improve digital services


10 Aug 18

Eden & South Lakeland Credit Union (ESLCU) is delighted to announce that they have been awarded a £5,000 grant by Unity Trust Bank to improve digital services to members.

The objective is to bring a better user experience to members; the grant money will be specifically used to improve the website in order to attract more new members to ESLCU.

Volunteer Hilary Claxton says: “We are really lucky to have been awarded this grant”. Unity Trust Bank explained that they received many more applications than they had anticipated, totalling £180,000. The decision-making process was a difficult one, with over 40 worthwhile applications for the £70,000 available.  

Hilary went on to add: “I think it’s vital that we have a website that our members like using, that enables them to find out about the loans and savings schemes available to help them manage their finances. I chose to volunteer with the Credit Union, because I think a family’s finances sometimes need a helping hand, rather than a hand out, to help people, to help themselves. Not to take over, more just supporting others, whilst they find a better way of managing.

“I think that applies to most things, whether it’s finances, healthy food or life generally. I believe that we like to feel informed, educated and independent, then just supported, whilst we do our best to get things right. Building stronger, better lives for our families. That is the support Credit Unions can offer”.

Stephen Thorpe, the new manager of ESLCU has said that, “grants like this one and support from all members of the local community are what keeps credit unions going”.  ESLCU opened its doors to the community back in 2013 starting as EdenSave Credit Union; however in 2017 with agreement from members of South Lakeland Credit Union the decision was made to extend common bonds for a merger. The business name was changed to Eden & South Lakeland Credit Union.

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