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Scottish Government launches its Credit Union Awareness Campaign


16 Nov 18

This week the Scottish Government launched its four week credit union awareness campaign ‘People, not Profit’.

The campaign seeks to support the growth of the sector by raising awareness of the valuable services credit unions provide with the hope of reaching a wider and more diverse audience.

People,not Profit was launched on Wednesday 14 November, by Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government, Aileen Campbell. Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Aileen said: “In helping build a fairer Scotland, we want to protect people from getting into unmanageable debt and falling into the hands of predatory, high cost lenders.

“A key part of this is making sure that people are aware of the financial services and fair alternatives available, including credit union membership”.

The campaign directs people to a new website - –set up by the Government and linking to ABCUL’s Find Your Credit Union site. Aileen added that: “Our new campaign will highlight the benefits of joining a credit union and I would encourage everyone to visit the new website to find more”.

On the day of launch for the campaign, a short video encouraging people to join credit unions featured Actor Michael Sheen. Commenting on the campaign, Michael said: “I'm very pleased to be backing the People, not Profit campaign, and I share the Scottish Government's ambition to grow and raise awareness of this sector.

"I'm a member of a credit union myself, so I know first-hand the benefits they offer. What's important to me is that they are owned by the people who actually use their services and any profits that they make are invested back into the credit union”.

Chief Executive of ABCUL, Robert Kelly commented on the launch of the campaign this week and praises the Government’s efforts to promote the services of the credit union sector, Robert said: “Scotland leads the way in Great Britain for levels of credit union membership with Glasgow having the largest credit union membership of any British city where one in four belongs to a credit union.

“The Scottish government has been a great supporter of credit unions for many years and we are delighted with the efforts made to produce a fantastic campaign which supports the role of credit unions to provide access to affordable and ethical financial services”.

The campaign will be promoted across social media, radio and local press. You can view its promotional video with Michael Sheen here.

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